Youth Go Cart Safety Features for Parents

Important Youth Go-kart safety features for parents.

When choosing a youth go-kart, one of the most important factors for a parent to consider is the safety features offered with the particular Go-kart. Having the right safety features on the youth go-kart will prevent serious injury from occurring to your child while driving the go-kart. Having the right safety features will protect your child should they have an accident while driving the go-kart and will also provide you with peace of mind.

By becoming familiar with the types of safety features you should look for in a youth go-kart, it will make your decision easier when choosing the right go-kart for your child. One of the most important safety features is a well-built go-kart. You should also choose a kart that has both side and top rails if the child will be driving the go-kart in an area where it could flip over. A 4 restraint safety belt will ensure you child is properly locked in place while driving the go-kart and a good set of brakes is an important feature as well.. You should also look for lights, blinkers and a horn when choosing a safe Go-kart for a youth. There are additional safety features available that will allow you to choose the level of safety that is right for you and your child.

Youth Go Kart

The Kandi 90KT Youth GoKart has a heavy duty 12 gauge welded steel frame, keeping your child protected while driving the go-kart. It now has updated features such as, a 2 way blinker and a 3 speed semi-automatic transmission, making a great alternative to battery
powered go-karts. It also features side guards, safety lights and a parental remote, allowing you to be in charge of the go-cart at all times.The Kandi 90B Mini GoKart is the perfect go-cart for kids because it is loaded with tons of extra safety features Mini Go Kartfor no extra cost. The go-cart features lights, blinkers, horn, dual safety belts and sturdy brush bars. It has both front and rear hydraulic brakes and it easy to operate, making the go-kart very kid friendly. Made with welded steel tubing, the go-kart will last for years.The TrailMaster Mini XRX GoKart is another great go-cart for beginners because of its many safety features. It Mini Go Kartfeatures a sports bench for two, bright LED lights, a horn and electric start. It is a favorite among parents because the remote cut off switch lets them be at easy knowing they are able to stop the go-kart at any time. It is kid friendly and offers adjustable peddles, allowing them to fit your child’s size perfectly.Go-karts can move at very fast speeds, so it’s important that you choose one has a proper maximum for your child. A youth go-kart should go around 12 MPH with a maximum speed around 26 MPH. Different go-karts offer faster and slower speeds, allowing you to choose the speed that you feel most comfortable with. A go-kart that goes much faster than 26 MPH could put your child at risk and take away from the safety of the go-kart.