Comparing Differences in our ATV’s

Comparing some Differences in our ATV’s

Family time should be fun time and ATV’s are the perfect recreational vehicles to help make that possible. These motor powered vehicles run on nothing but pure energy. It does not matter how young at heart you are or how mature you are, you will appreciate the features and the power under the hood. You can compare these recreational vehicles to choose from a variety of sizes, colors, makes and models to your families wants and needs. They are well constructed and easy to drive. They are perfect for driving on both smooth and tough surfaces. Each model comes loaded with it own set of specifications and is designed for the family in mind.

The 410BX Youth Mini ATV comes equipped with a remote off and on electric starter. It is just right for the beginner and has a low Youth Mini ATVback seat which sets at 25 inches in height. The wheelbase is 31.5 which makes holding on to the steering wheel easy and safe for those bumpy rides. Too young to shift gears don’t worry the transmission is automatic. It has full support suspensions with coil shocks in the front and in the rear. Stopping is not a problem because this model has a disc brake hydraulic system. The engine on the Youth Mini Atv can reach an amazing 28 miles per hour but parents can set the speed to as low as 7 miles per hour. This is accomplished by using the starter speed restrictor. As a parent you also have complete control over the speed and safety of the ATV at all times. The frame is built from heavy duty steel, the body is made from durable plastic and it comes in several great colors.

The T110DX1 Mid size Utility ATV performs at full speed. It comes with a 4 stroke engine, a rugged steel frame and durable plastic ABS body. The customized front grill has a crash resistant plastic over metal guard to protect you just in case you experience a fenderMid size ATV bender. Put it to the test ride it around the neighborhood or in the back yard. The Mid size Utility Atv is loaded with full size dual utility racks in the front and in the back. It is perfect for doing light chores around the house, like hauling trash bags to the curb. Kids will love helping out once they have their own transportation. The automatic transmission makes shifting gears easy and fun. Ride right over those little bumps in the road with these large 16 inch tires. They are perfect for treading on terrain territory. Even with the electric ignition as being of the attractive and excitement you can maintain control over the speed limiter and the remote turn off switch. This particular model of ATV is available in several colors that kids will love.

Looking for an ATV that rides and drives likes a motorcycle? Look no further! The B110SX Sport ATV is the sportiest vehicle ever. It has the body of a dirt bike and it is built for riders of all ages. It is powered by an automatic transmission, full rear and front support Mini Sport ATVsuspensions, and a seat that sets in at 24 inches high. The hydraulic brake system and study steel frames makes this model popular with most parents. The Sports Atv has a hard framed durable plastic body and plus the engine is low maintenance. This model comes complete with many safety features including; working headlights and rear lights, a key starter, a speed controller, and a remote rear kill tether switch that only parents can hold. It uses a 12V 4Ah battery and it uses unleaded fuel. This is the perfect ATV for the athlete in the family. The front and rear tires sets at 16.8 inches high. The vehicle weights in at 204.8 lbs. and with a net weight of 169 lbs. it can clear a ground by at least 3.7 inches. This ATV is the perfect gift to give.