eCommerce Logistics

Simply put, we specialize in bringing products to market! With over 25 years experience in retail ecommerce, we bring unique insight to the product life cycle and product management process. From initial design to final sale, we have the ability to oversee every aspect of a successful product launch.

We utilize a large network spanning a variety of industries and several manufacturing outlets to help develop product specifications and production processes. We partner with inventors, manufacturers and importers to determine the viability of a product offering for a given market and plan product life cycle strategies.

With our proprietary ecommerce sales platform as well as access to some of the biggest sales channels in the world, including, and others, combined with a strong marketing focus, we’re able to quickly launch products to very large audiences and supplement that reach with aggressive advertising across search, social media, radio and print.

Our close ties with industry leading logistics providers, including USPS, UPS Freight and FedEx enable us to procure delivery services at discounted rates, particularly for large or heavy items that require LTL or full truckload shipping.

Finally, every product we sell is backed by a sales and support staff equipped with exceptional product knowledge and trained to make customers happy.

By closely monitoring campaign, sales, logistics and support analytics post-launch, our team is able to identify pinch points, reassess and make adjustments to ensure sales growth.

If you have a product or idea you’d like to bring to market, we’d love to talk with you. Call or contact us today!