Picking the Right GoKart For Your Family

Picking the Right GoKart For Your Family

GoKart. The mere word brings back memories of going to those outdoor family fun centers, driving around on the circular outdoor tracks in the mini gokarts.

Driving gokarts have changed over the years. They are no longer confined to specified tracks at fun centers. Now, you can purchase gokarts for all types of terrain for the whole family to enjoy. When deciding on the type of gokart you want to purchase, consider several factors. First, who will be using the gokart the most? Second, what type of terrain will you be driving on? Third, how many horsepowers do you want for the “go” in your gokart?

Let’s compare three different types of gokarts: The Hawk GK, Kandi 150XTX, and the TrailMaster 150XRX GoKart.

Hawk GK Battery GoKartElectric Go Kart

Obviously, a gokart for enthusiasts would not be suited for a child just learning the basics. So take into consideration the person sitting behind the wheel.

Perfect for children ranging from 3-years-old up to 6-years-old, this one doesn’t have a gas-powered motor. It runs on electric, which is a safer feature when young children are driving. With pneumatic tires, along with front and rear suspension, this gokart gives a smooth ride over rough terrain where the bumps and ruts can quickly ruin the fun for young children. A 10amp motor lets them cruise at 5mph for up to 2 hours on two 12-volt batteries.

Recap: Good for young kids who are beginners. Runs on electric so no need to worry about a kid carrying around a gas can for a fill up. Low speeds so you can catch up to them down the street to get them ready for school.

TrailMaster 150XRX GoKart

Children quickly grow into teens, and you might be interested in a gokart with a little more “umph” to it.

Gradate them to the TrailMaster 150XRX. This gokart has adjustable driver seats, from 38 to 43 inches to the pedals. With a steering wheel that can tilt, this gokart can accommodate any size teenager. It has a tubular steel frame and side rails. Combine the solid frame with a top brushed guard and an enclosed belly pan, and you have one rugged machine to handle the roughest off-roading terrain.

A 150cc GY6 engine placed with an automatic CVT clutch gives you a nice 10.5hp with awesome low-end torque. It’s also equipped with lots of safety features, such as center and side mount rearview mirrors, turning signals, and low/high beam headlights.

Recap: Great gokart that can be adjusted for teens who are still growing. With extra safety features, this gokart can give them a taste of what it will feel like to be behind the wheel of the car without worrying about dents in the car fender.

Kandi 150XTX GoKartGreen Go Kart

All play and no work can make the missus mad at you. Adults can enjoy a bit of childhood fun while doing chores around the property.

The Kandi 150XTX lets you drive on all types of terrain — hard or soft — with reversible tread rear tires, front and rear suspension, and a low center of gravity so that you can have maneuverability and great handling on any trail. Like the TrailMaster 150XRX, the Kandi 150XTX has a 150cc engine, automatic CVT transmission, and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. This means you have 10.5hp to tear up the trails, has an excellent lasting performance, and shorter stopping power that lives up to the adage “can stop on a dime.”

Safety features include extra wide fenders, so you don’t have to spit out dirt flying into the cockpit. Arm restraints keep all important appendages inside the gokart when bumping along rough trails. A trailer hitch and utility rack lets you do chores and pull along a trailer.

Recap: Good all-terrain vehicle with horsepower. Excellent handling features. Tell the missus you want to buy it to make doing chores easier, and ride out on the trails when she’s out shopping.