Jeep T125 Assembly Part 1

Part 1 of setting up the Jeep T125 Go Kart

Family Go Karts has put together a series of three videos on YouTube to help you assemble your new Jeep T125 Go Kart. Owner Jeff Backer gives a detailed step by step process to help you make sure that your Go Kart is put together properly the first time so you can spend your time out enjoying the trails instead of monkeying around with mechanics.

Here is a summary of what is included on the first video in the series. Whether you are unboxing the T125 Go Kart, or trouble shooting a problem, the expertise of the Family Go Kart team on this video will help educate any rider.

  1. Remove from metal crate from the Jeep T125 Go Kart
  2. You will find a
  •  Manual
  •  List of materials
  •  Battery and charger
  •  Bolts under steering wheel
  •  Tires – front doesn’t have hub
  •  Steering wheel
  •  Seatbelts
  •  Seats
  •  Top bars
  1. Charging the battery is the next step. The negative is black and red positive for battery, set it up to charge. When both lights come on the battery is fully charged.
  2. Make sure the sparkplug is on
  3. There are 2 breather tubes that do not attach to anything. One for the carburetor and one for the exhaust.
  4. The Idle screw may need to be adjusted and the fuel line may need to be attached before you put gas in. Make sure it is tight if it is already attached.
  5. Air Cleaner hose, make sure it is hooked up
  6. Wires to coils should be connected check to make sure that everything is tight and connected. Things may shift during shipping so before putting it together, check all connections.
  7. Put the shocks on the swing arm by placing the frame up on blocks allowing motion to get the shocks in place.
  8. Rear tires are next take off the nut and washer. Spindle washer stays on. Arrow pattern on the tires should face (point) forward. Put the washer on, Tighten bolt. Use the ridge inside the cap to connect to the washer keeping it in place.
  9. Put on the front shocks. Move the Tie rod out, lower the shock down, then use the 2 inch bolt to connect front shocks (be sure that the top of the shock is tight too)
  10. Tie rods are next. Line it up underneath the shock and use the washer and nut that were there to join them and the cotter key to secure.

Use this article as a checklist to coincide with the video. As always, Family Go Karts is here to help. If you have any questions call 1-800-950-2210 with any questions.

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