Advantages of Infrared Saunas


Looking for the next addition for your home gym, spa or wellness routine? An infrared sauna may be just what you need – here’s why:

What is infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna produces heat using light, and is often used at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna. The best quality infrared saunas use traditional wood (often cedar) and ceramics to create a heated environment. Though the temperature is usually lower on an infrared sauna, the powerful and efficient technology allows the user to heat up much more quickly – producing more heat and sweat in a smaller amount of time.

Most saunas work the same way – they increase the user’s body temperature, inducing many different health benefits. Where an infrared sauna differs from traditional versions is in the efficiency and speed; someone using an infrared sauna will heat up and begin to sweat more quickly than the same person would in a traditional sauna. More sweat and heat equals more benefits – the whole reason the sauna is being used in the first place. What can an infrared sauna do for you, health-wise? You’ll see a range of benefits, detailed below.

What are the health benefits of using an infrared sauna?

  • An infrared sauna offers many different benefits, including increased blood flow and delivery of oxygen to cells.
  • Detoxification: Waste materials can be removed via the body’s largest organ – the skin via sweating
  • Pain, swelling and stiffness can all respond to heat therapy, whether the symptoms come from a recent injury or are more chronic. If you get pain relief from using a heating pad on a joint or injury, an infrared sauna will likely help as well.
  • While an infrared sauna is not a medical device, it can be useful as part of a treatment plan for a variety of conditions – your doctor can help you determine the best uses for your sauna.
  • Stress reduction or management: There’s a reason most spas offer saunas for massage and skincare clients. A sauna is a great way to relax and get into the right frame of mind for a day of beauty – or to unwind after a long day at the office.

One of the nicest benefits of an infrared sauna isn’t health related at all – if you install one in your own home, you won’t have to travel to the gym or spa to use the technology…and you won’t have to wait in line or share your sauna, either!

Infrared saunas pack a lot of technology into a relatively small package – and are easy enough for the average homeowner to install and maintain. You won’t need any special skills or abilities to keep your infrared sauna performing at peak levels. Less time working on the sauna means more time to enjoy it.