Memories and the Ball

What better way to relax after a long week at the office than by playing an exciting game of table tennis? There’s a reason the game has been such a popular basement activity for so many years. Families and friends enjoy making memories while pummeling each other with rackets. If you haven’t already caught the table tennis bug, you should give the game a try.

One of the best things about playing recreational table tennis is that the rules can be adjusted to suit the individual player’s preferences. If everyone playing is awful, you can just enjoy volleying the ball back and forth and not worry about calculating the score. On the other hand, competitive parties will enjoy the thrill of an intense game of table tennis. If you are struggling to find a new idea for incorporating table tennis into your social life, try one of the following suggestions:

Table Tennis Tournament
A lot of players enjoy participating in garage and basement ping-pong battles. During these tournaments, participants play several games, eliminating the losers until one person can be crowned winner. If you’re the gambling type, you can add a little fun by betting on who will win and by how much. Otherwise, feel free to bring a few snacks into the basement and just let loose.

Large Ball
If you are terrible at table tennis, using a 44 millimeter ball instead of the standard 40 millimeter size will allow you to slow down the game and play with a little more accuracy. You can play large ball ping pong using the rest of the standard table tennis rules or opt for a strictly recreational version. Once you have a better grasp on the game, you’ll find table tennis a lot more enjoyable if you switch to a smaller ping pong ball.

Casual Play
Not the competitive type? Forget about the official rules and make up your own. If you don’t feel like doing math during your off time, forgo the score calculations. Just hit the ball back and forth and make fun of your opponents when you get the ping pong ball past them.

Around the World
Another strictly recreational variety of table tennis, around the world requires a group of at least eight players. Start with one player serving and the other returning the serve. Once the player has served, they will move on so that a new player can take up the spot on the table. Any time a player fails to return the ball, he or she is automatically eliminated from the game. By the time you get down to four or five people, around the world ping pong requires a surprising degree of athleticism. Eventually, the game will be narrowed down to two participants, who will play a standard round of table tennis to determine the reigning champion.

Whether you decide to play by the rules or not, playing table tennis with your loved ones will provide some amazing memories that you will enjoy for years to come. If you really want to have a good time, hold a table tennis battle in your garage or basement. Provide food and drinks for the guests, put on a little background music and enjoy yourself.