Get More Enjoyment from a Home Sauna

Infrared Home Saunas
Coronado Ultra 2 Person

Saunas have been used for centuries for their health benefits. During most of that time, not much about them changed. Then came the 21st century and all of the advances in technology that go along with the modern age.

These aren’t your grandma’s sauna. First, instead of stones and steam, there is an infrared heating element that provides a much milder environment than traditional saunas, with no humidity and temperatures that typically range from 100-125°F. Second, they are so compact they can fit conveniently in the corner of almost any room. Third, the gadgets, bells and whistles that can be customized for modern saunas create an atmosphere you might not ever want to leave.

Magazine racks and towel hooks are child’s play. New saunas, like the PerfectHeat Infrared Sauna, have a variety of options and accessories, including:


Hudson Bay Ultra 3 Person Home Sauna
Canadian Red Cedar Sauna
  • Radio, CD and MP3 accessories for playing music directly into the sauna through internal speakers
  • Ionizers that charge the air inside the sauna, increasing occupants’ resistance to infection, circulatory clarity and feelings of mental well being
  • Color Therapy Lighting that uses light and the colors of the spectrum to improve mental and physical health
  • Dual easy-touch interior and exterior LED control panels offer temperature control from inside or out

Saunas are no longer defined as just rooms filled with heat and steam. They have changed and improved thanks to modern technology, turning into places of refuge and comfort. What sounds more relaxing than basking in the warmth of an infrared sauna, listening to favorite music and reaping the benefits of negative ionized air and color therapy? Doesn’t it make you want to add an infrared sauna to your home today?