3 Tips To Keep Safe On Your Scooter


Scooters are the little motorcycles of the streets. We’ve all seen some celebrity in a movie driving a scooter, weaving in and out of traffic as they go from point A to point B in a matter of minutes. You’ve driven go-karts at entertainment parks and rode on an ATV along bumpy dirt tracks. So when you see the motorized scooter on the lot, you know that you have to have it.

Before you place the key in the engine and motor along the highway, remember that driving a scooter isn’t like driving a car. You are more exposed to the weather, road conditions and other speeding vehicles. If you are involved in an accident, you won’t have a seat belt or air bags to protect you. In addition, you don’t have the metal framework of a car to absorb a lot of the impact. Follow these three tips below to keep yourself safe while on a scooter.

Scooter Safety Tip #1: Proper Safety Gear

If you see your child up on their bike, you would immediately scold them for not having a helmet and safety pads on. So why would you go without the proper safety gear when on your scooter speeding down the busy city streets? Place on a helmet that is compliant with the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Eye protection, and footwear going above the ankle, are also necessary when you ride a scooter. To protect your arms and legs in case of a fall, wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket.

You should also go with the reflective bright colors. Yes, wearing all black makes you look cool and dangerous. But you want other drivers to see you, especially at night. With bright clothing and reflective strips on your helmet and boots, drivers are sure to keep you in their sights so everyone shares the road.

Scooter Safety Tip #2: Drive Defensively

Car and truck drivers can simply miss seeing you because they are in a rush or have other things on their minds. So it is up to you to keep safe. Drive defensively by always checking your rearview mirrors every 7 seconds and scanning the road to ensure drivers know that you are there. When you are about to make a turn, signal early instead of at the last minute to give other drivers enough time to slow down and stop. And don’t be afraid to use your horn to get a driver’s attention.

Scooter Safety Tip #3: Leave Dangerous Driving To The Movie Stuntmen

It looks cool in the movie where the actor is driving the scooter through the rushing traffic, weaving around open car doors, sliding the vehicle under truck trailers and driving between stopped vehicles to get to his destination. There’s one thing you should know before you try doing something like that yourself.

It’s fake. It’s choreographed. All those stunts are done in a controlled environment where the actors are told what to do at the right moment so nobody gets hurt. This is why it’s called “acting.”

If you try doing anything that you have seen in a movie, you will end up paralyzed from the neck down, in a coma or stuffed into a body bag. Just don’t do it, and don’t let anybody dare you into doing something that stupid. Keep yourself safe on your scooter.