Pool Pump not pumping?

1) Start with the pool. 

What is the water level at in the skimmer? The water level should be ¾ of the way full in the skimmer for optimum performance.


2) Check the skimmer basket.

Access the skimmer basket and clean thoroughly. Remove any debris (leaves, pine needles any obstruction) from the pump basket.  Also make sure there are no floating objects that are capable of blocking the skimmer.


3) Check the pump lint trap.

Remove the lid on the pump and then remove the basket and clean thoroughly. If the basket looks clean make sure it wasn’t installed backwards the last time it was cleaned as this could cause a clog in the hose. Also push down on the pump lid to make sure air is not getting in. If air is getting in through the pump lid contact your dealer to replace the pump lid O- ring.


4) Check all of the hose connections for air leaks.

Detach all of the hose connections at the skimmer, pump and filter. Re-attach the hoses to the straight fittings, but dip the ends of the hoses into hot water to make the hose ends more pliable. A hair dryer can also be used to heat the hose ends. Before re-installing the hoses, add 1 layer of electrical tape to the straight fittings and push the hose end over the fitting as far back as allowed. The electrical tape will provide a seal. Tighten the hose clamps to secure the hoses.


5) Isolate the pump from the filter.

To make sure the problem is the pump and not the filter you will need to isolate the pump. Fist shut the pump off. Once the pump is off, set the 6 way valve on the filter to “circulate”. Turn the pump back on. If the pump moves the water with ease the problem is the filter. Follow the step 1 in filter troubleshooting. If the pump still does not move the water the problem is the pump. Notify your dealer of the pump issue.

Troubleshooting the filter.

Filter is not moving the water efficiently. 

1) Check sand level in the filter.

Remove the 6 way valve from the filter, and make sure the sand level is only half way filled in the filter tank. Anything higher than that will cause the water flow in the tank to decrease. If the sand level is higher than half way up the filter scoop out excess sand until the level drops to Just half way in the filter. Place the valve back on the filter and backwash for less then 1 minute. Once back wash is complete hold down the handle on the valve to release any air that could be trapped in the filter.


2) Backwash the filter.

If the sand level is only half way filled proceed to backwash the filter. There could be debris in the filter that is causing the return flow to the pool to stop. Please turn the pump off then turn the handle on the filter to backwash and turn the pump back on for less than 1 minute. If the pump still is not pumping, contact your dealer for the pump warranty.