MLS Foosball Tables and Player Types?

We have an awesome product were excited to share!  Our new line of MLS Soccer branded Foosball tables, but before we share that…

These games are always great gifts for boys, girls, teenaagers and even adults.  They definitley bring out the inner competitive spirit even if you score on yourself. Ever noticed there are always 3 types of players?

The Spinnner Qualities

  • Always does the most trash talking
  • Thinks overall spinning power is the best game strategy whether the player defending or on the offense.
  • Usually makes the most noise grunts, groans and hollers during a game.
  • If the player uses table allot you’ll begin to wonder why 1 side of the poles are slightly bent

The Techniquie Master

  • Always passing the ball between his own players
  • Thinks he looks the coolest when he can stop the ball and roll it sideways.
  • Trying to always aim the shot either left or right to the goal
  • Common phrase “oh did you see how close that was?”

The 2 Pole King

  • Uses 2 poles forget about the rest unless absolutely needed
  • Sets his goalie in best place to try and stop a shop then never moves him again
  • More than most players the ball consistently gets stolen from him
  • Scores on himself alot


Bring all the excitement of Major League Soccer to your home with this great table from Harvil. Quality features abound in this distinctive 54″ MLS table. The sturdy CARB certified MDF cabinet is far superior to cheaper particle board or plastic tables. Soccer balls glide easily across the painted grass playing field. Thick MDF legs feature leg levelers to keep table balanced on uneven floors. Solid 1/2″ steel chrome plated rods with rubber handles propel ABS counter-balanced players for great foosball action. A three goalie configuration and abacus scoring system complete this great set up. Comes complete with two official MLS foosballs.

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