Health Benefits of a Home Sauna

Health Benefits of a Home Sauna4 Person Carbon Infrared Saunas

There are many health benefits associated with spending time in a sauna. Most people aren’t fully familiar with these advantages, however, because their experiences with saunas have been at health clubs, partially clothed with sweaty strangers hovering nearby. Not a place many people would want to spend time.

But what if you had a home sauna that you could use whenever you want?  What sort of health benefits would you experience if you could enjoy a sauna in the privacy of your own home, without unwanted prying eyes and unfamiliar perspiring bodies? Read on to find out.

Muscle Relaxation. A sauna will help relax tense muscles after a hard day at the office or ease soreness after a workout. Dilated blood vessels increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles and reduces swelling, while also aiding in the repair of tears.

Sweating. Working up a sweat doesn’t have to mean exercising. Sweating it out in a sauna provides a benefit to human bodies by eliminating toxins from the body, particularly heavy metals.

Heart Health. There is evidence that time spent in a sauna benefits the heart. With the heat, blood pressure lowers and heart rate increases. Both are temporary, but it’s almost like a sitting workout.

Weight Loss. The bad news is, most of the weight one loses in a sauna is water. The good news is that, because of the mild heart workout one gets inside the sauna, your body will burn extra calories while you relax in the heat.

Skin Treatment. The heat in a sauna causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood demand to the skin and revitalizing it from the inside out. The heat also causes pores to open, allowing sweat to easily flush dirt to the surface of the skin.

Immunity Building. When a person gets a cold, the body reacts by causing a fever. A sauna produces an artificial fever, with internal temperatures increasing by as much as 3 degrees and much more on the surface of the skin. Regular use of a sauna could reduce colds by 30% by inducing artificial fevers, before a virus has enough time to take hold and cause a real fever.

Affliction Relief. In addition to fighting off colds and helping to ease muscle injuries, saunas can also directly help relieve arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, influenza, migraine headaches, nervous tension, and rheumatism.

Mental Health. It’s a great place to rest, reset your outlook on life and unwind from the grind. There’s at least one physiological reason contributing to that. Due to the rise in cardiovascular activity experienced in the sauna, the body reacts by bathing your brain with feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

You don’t have to sweat with strangers to reap the health benefits of a sauna. With an infrared sauna installed at home, you could enjoy the physiological and psychological benefits they offer any day, any time, and feel completely comfortable in your skin. Do you want to experience all saunas have to offer without having to deal with the typical health spa experience? Perhaps a PerfectHeat Personal Infrared Sauna is right for you.