Family Go Karting


getting your kids to put down the video game controllers and iPhones is almost literally impossible. Talking teens into getting some fresh air these days is like pulling teeth. Who needs to learn how to play basketball when you can knock over a bank and earn another million dollars in Grand Theft Auto? Who needs to go out and meet new people when all of your contacts are literally at your fingertips?


getting out of the dang house now and then needs to be as cool, as fun, and as exciting as playing around on electronic devices.

Ladies and gentlemen,

mothers and fathers, consider go-karting.

Go-karting as a family delivers that need for speed that kids crave, that jolt of adrenaline that easily-bored teens demand if they’re going to give any activity the time of day.

If go-karts sound a little dangerous,

the truth is that with proper safety equipment and a closed course, or at least a vacant lot where you can see where you’re going, it’s easy to avoid any sort of wipe-out or injury. Just make sure that everyone knows how to operate the go-karts and supervise your younger children when allowing them to go for a spin.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy

type and your kids are dyed-in-the-wool millennials who love their devices and the comfort of staying inside, you may be surprised at how easy it can be to get them out of the house now and then with four wheels and a tank of fuel. Taking your go-kart to a favorite campsite can be a great way to burn some rubber while soaking in the scenery. A pair of karts can make afternoon and weekend races a family tradition.

The videos should help you to identify

a good kart from from a piece of junk so that you don’t have to destroy your new kart with an excavator in a fit of rage. Take your time, shop for a good kart, and see if you can’t get your family out on the track.