Enjoy all the Benefits of a Traditional Spa with Aero Spa Inflatable Hot Tubs

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like

to own your own hot tub, then Aero Spa portable spa may be the answer to your dreams. Aero Spa inflatable spas put the spa experience well within your personal reach. The benefits of spa treatments are well known and coveted by many; these benefits can be yours today with a portable hot tub from AeroSpa.

The Convenience of Portable Spas

The high cost of investing in a traditional spa setup has often deterred many people from enjoying spa benefits. Portable spas cost a fraction of the price of conventional spas while still providing the fun, relaxation and physical benefits you desire. The reasonable cost of a portable spa will make your investment that much sweeter to enjoy.

Portability is yet another advantage of investing in an AeroSpa inflatable hot tub. If you are renting your home, portable spas offer a great alternative to traditional models as they can be easily inflated, deflated, packed and transported to a new location when you are ready to move. You can also take your spa with you when you go on holiday, business trips or weekend getaways to visit family or friends.

The AeroSpa portable hot tub can be easily set up in your patio, back yard or other convenient location where you have access to electricity and water. Simply plug the cord of the spa into a standard 110 V outlet, press the inflation button and it inflates within minutes on its own. Once inflated, you can fill the tub using a simple garden hose. The tub comes with built in filter pump and heater that can be activated immediately for instant use.

Qualities of Portable Spas

Contrary to what people may think, portable spas are of durable construction that can withstand a great deal of use. The Aero Spa inflatable hot tub is made of resilient vinyl material and comes with a zipper thermal cover for protection when not in use. Its spacious interior accommodates four people comfortably and can easily withstand the rambunctious play of active children. Standard features such as filtration pump, built in thermostat controlled heater and massaging bubble system make sure you get the most from your spa experience. The spa also comes with a three month warranty (valid in the U.S. only) which covers the tub, controls and heater.

Health Benefits of Portable Spas

The Aero Spa inflatable hot tub provides you with both health benefits and personal pleasure. Spa treatments can do wonders to relieve sore muscles, alleviate joint pains and soothe your body. Portable spas also provide a relaxing and tranquil environment in which to reduce stress and tension.

With Aero Spa inflatable spas you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional spa without worrying about the exoribitant cost. They offer the perfect solution to unwinding at the end of a long hard day.