Crystal Clear Benefits of using Blue Wave Chemicals

Crystal Clear Benefits of using Blue Wave Chemicals

As the owner of a swimming pool, you want beautiful clear blue water without any hassles.  Blue Wave Chemicals are a complete line of high quality products that will simplify pool care and make your water sparkle.  Family Pool Fun is here to teach you about keeping your water clean from spring start-up to winter closing.


Blue Wave’s easy pool care 4-step program will give you simple step by step instructions that will insure crystal clear water.  By using Blue Wave Products, you ensure that your pool environment is the best quality that it can be; your liner will last longer, pump and filter will last longer, the water will be crystal clear and easy to maintain, making the time you spend in your pool all about fun.



Spring Start Up


  1. Remove your pool cover.  If you use a solid cover, drain the water off the cover.  Clean the cover thoroughly and let it dry in the sun before storing it.  Be sure to remove any debris (twigs, leaves, etc) that may have gotten into the pool water.


  1. Fill the pool.  Add enough water to bring the water level to the middle of the skimmers.


  1. Check the pool equipment.  Before starting up your pump and filter system, be sure the main drain (for inground pool) and inlets are open. Make sure that the pump and skimmer baskets are in place and free of debris.  Your pump and filter are a very important part of keeping your pool water clean and clear.  If your filter was not cleaned before closing your pool, then clean it now.  Blue Wave Filter Clean removes the build-  up of grease, oil, and scale in your filter allowing it to operate effectively, efficiently, and extending your filters life.


  1. Test your water.  Startup your pool equipment and let it run for 24 hours before testing the water for adjustment.  Use a 4 way test strip to test the chlorine/bromine, ph, alkalinity, and hardness in the water.  If any of these levels are not in their proper range, consult the back of the bottle- give us a call at Family Pool Fun and we will walk you through what is needed to bring your pool into balance.



Easy 4 Step Program for the summer


  1. Balance the water.  It is vital that the proper ph is maintained in your pool at all times.  If the ph is outside of 7.2 to 7.6 it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of pool chemicals.  Test your ph levels at least 3 times per week and use either Blue Wave ph reducer or Blue Wave ph increaser to bring the ph into the proper range.


  1. Sanitize. Blue Wave’s 3” sanitizing tablets are the most efficient sanitizer to use in your pool.  Our specially compressed 3” tablets are designed to dissolve slowly and steadily release free chlorine into your water to wipe out bacteria and keep your water clean. Plus, Blue Wave’s 3” sanitizing tablets are stabilized to protect them from the suns damaging rays, making them last longer and work more effectively.  Blue Wave also offers other chlorinated products in convenient sizes: Blue Wave 1” sanitizing tablets, sanitizing sticks, and sanitizing granules.
  2. Shock.  As debris builds up in the water (perspiration, urine, suntan oil, and hair spray) they can cause eye and skin irritation and dull looking water.  These contaminants tie up chlorine, keeping it from effectively sanitizing the water.  A treatment of Blue Wave Burst or blast once  aweek will oxidize these contaminants , freeing up the chlorine, and keeping your water crystal clear. For pool owners that would prefer a non-chlorine shock after opening their pool, Blue Wave offers Blitz chlorine free shock in handy 1lb bags.


  1. Algae Control. The best way to combat algae is to never let it get started.  Blue Wave Halt 50 is a powerful algaecide that is very concentrated and low foaming.  In fact one quart treats up to 240,000 gallons! Halt 50 is specially formulated to work well with other Blue Wave chemicals.  It is non metallic and will not discolor hair.  Use Halt 50 weekly to prevent all types of algae from getting a foothold in your pool.